Where to buy saffron

Where to buy saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice this is a reason people get worried about where to buy saffron in suitable saffron price. It is a legend of spice. Saffron is a rich gourmet tradition in cooking. Saffron spice is clinically proven spice in health benefits.

Whether you wish to buy Saffron just to attempt it once in your life, cook a different dish for a special occasion, or you are battling some health issues and want saffron to make home medicines, it’s not easy to find pure and high-quality Saffron, despite what you may think.

Saffron geographical origin in the Mediterranean Area and it is still grown in some geographical regions of Greece, Italy, and Spain. Today most of the world’s Saffron supply comes from other regions and habitats, the first producer of saffron in Iran.

The saffron you buy is of great quality. But there are minute differences between Saffron strands, that to the untrained eye are insignificant, but if you are on the prowl for real pure, organic and high-quality Saffron, you should know about.

Why is Saffron so Expensive?

The great price of Saffron spice is directly affected by the way it is grown. There is minute to no mechanization, technology or mechanics that can be applied, and the flowers must be picked up, by hand, at a specific time before dawn. The strands (stigmas) have to be separated by hand too. This is meticulous manual labor and requires a lot of people in the field. There means more intense labor for a gram of dried saffron spice.

This means paying wages that are fair. After collecting flowers are elect and the strands are detached, the careful process of collecting and drying starts. This too needs precision and information that why saffron price are high. The saffron drying procedure is possibly most vital for quality, similarly to roasting for coffee. Traditional drying in open air for many hours is today the most practiced process, but it does not grant either best flavor, color and aroma nor purity (due to long exposure to microbes in the environment).

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