Where to buy best saffron

Persian saffron benefits in pregnancy

Saffron is the world’s expensive spice this factor makes you conscious where to buy best saffron, each saffron flower comprises three stigmas about 150 of the saffron stigmas produce 1gram of saffron.

Normally when you buy Moroccan or Persian saffron you would see some yellow styles mixed within the saffron but not in Iran where they are kept separate and even sold distinctly.

When you bought some of the low price yellow styles because you get intrigued, and the saffron threads smelled as strong as the stamens.

However, when you would use some, you would found that they had hardly any flavor. They also barely colored with the help of milk pudding. Not sure what you will do with the remaining stash. Therefore mix it with the pure saffron? This is not such a good idea!

How to test saffron (fake vs. pure saffron)

If you are going to buy saffron you need to check first you are buying pure saffron or not the way they do in the souk. It’s very simple.

All you need is to do is request the vendor for 3 or 4 threads of saffron which you put on your tongue and suck on for few seconds.

Then you spit the threads out onto a clean tissue and rub them inside the tissue. If the saffron stigmas color yellow, you know you are buying real saffron.

If they saffron threads color red, you are being sold colored threads of saffron spice.

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