Saffron the legends spice

When it comes to saffron, it always deserve a special description not because of its distinctive orange or bright yellow color, which imparts characteristic look on dishes, as well as its price, the Saffron Price makes it most expensive spice of the world and highly counterfeited spice.

About 150,000 hand-picked saffron flowers stigmas give 35 ounces of spice. The saffron largest crocus harvesting geographical region is Iran, Iran produces about 80 percent of saffron. The second large saffron harvesting regions are Greece, India, and Spain.

Why Saffron is a noble spice?

Biologist and historians decide to evaluate the origin documents of saffron, the major saffron origin was found in present Iraqi territory. Saffron pigments have been found in old paintings, portrait, and depicting the wild animals.

The great Alexander utilized saffron in sauce making and rice dishes in his conquest of Asia in 3500 BC. As well as he utilized saffron to treat battle wounds and results were amazing.

The Chinese medical expert Wan Zhen suggested that Kashmir is the homeland of saffron where the people utilized saffron as a sacrifice for Buddha. People there used saffron to flavor wine.

In Egypt, a perfume manufacturer, Greek goddesses and Gaza physicians use saffron widely to make essential oils, scented mixtures of plants, sacrifice it for gods, face painting and for the treatment of various physical and mental disabilities. At that time saffron was sprinkled into bed sheets to boost vitality and energy. Saffron was widely utilized to make the herbal tea to treat melancholy.

The medieval stated that the counterfeiters on saffron falsification were punished to death. Nowadays the basic way of counterfeiting saffron is its adulteration with pomegranate fibers, beet mixing, red tint silk threads, odorless and tasteless parts of crocuses.

The other adulteration methods are immersing the saffron stigmas into oil and honey. The soaked saffron attains more weight.  The powdered saffron is counterfeited highly. Spices like marigold petals, Curcuma, yellow peppers, and other botanical thinners are being utilized.

Selling saffron spice without the brand name or label is a major deception will inferior saffron quality, you can get the best Saffron Price In 2018, get premium quality saffron with us.

Saffron the king of culinary

Saffron pleasant taste and greatly emphasized characteristic color in dishes make it the king of culinary. Saffron is regularly used in central Asia, Turkish, Iranian and Moroccan cuisines.

In Italy, France and Spain’s saffron is added into sauces, soups, rice, and fish.

In Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom saffron is widely used in baking pastries, biscuits, and cakes. Only a small pinch of saffron is needed to flavor dishes. Too much saffron use in dishes makes it bitter; it is preferred to soak saffron to get maximum benefits from it. To make baked food saffron is mixed with dough and to get the best taste added few minutes before the end of cooking.

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