Saffron tea

Saffron exhibit high value in both cooking and spice, and as an alternative treatment for different health conditions. Studies held on saffron revealed us it is used in a variety of medical conditions.
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): PMS cause verity of symptoms in women’s like discomfort, physical discomfort and mood swings. Some women encounter a most severe form of symptoms as compared to other women. Those women who want relief but don’t want to use medicines, saffron is the better alternative in the form of saffron tea.
Saffron is listed as a cure for the treatment of PMS and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) these both conditions cause discomfort in women one week before periods.
Researchers revealed that 15mg of saffron twice a day is good in relieving PMS symptoms.
Boosts memory: chemical constituents crocetin and crocin found in saffron help in learning and better memory function, studies held on memory showed saffron has a good impact on improving memory, it has potential in treating psychiatric problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease.
How to make saffron tea?
Saffron tea can be arranged plain, by soaking the strings in boiling water. Be that as it may, the flavor can have a bitter and strong taste. Therefore many formulas highlight the herb combined a wide range of method of preparations. You can blend it in with tea leaves, or include different herbs and flavors.
Recopies can change, yet for the most part, include boiling water in a pot and after that including saffron and other ingredients. Give the saffron a time to soak the way you would let a teabag sit in high temp water, for around five to eight minutes. At that point remove the strings and enjoy saffron tea benefits.
Rich saffron tea by adding coconut milk, cardamom, and raw milk.