Saffron price- Why Saffron is so expansive?

Saffron price- Why Saffron is so expansive?

Saffron the king of spices, is the expensive spice of the world, people wonder why the Saffron price is so high? It is because saffron is richest in chemical constituents that clinical benefit for human health.

It is not an easy task to find pure Persian saffron if you are having health complications like depression, anxiety, high weight, pregnancy complication, cancer etc. then saffron is the right choice to cure such serious health issues, for this you need to buy pure saffron. First always remember the Mediterranean is Saffron origin, and it is grown in Greece, Italy, and Spain. And 80% of the saffron is obtained from Iran.

To buy most expensive spice of the world you must have experienced eyes, to see whether the saffron you are buying is pure or adulterated form. Consider some points while buying saffron that helps you to find out pure saffron for you.

Saffron stigmas are bright red with a tin of yellow touch, a little yellow portion is a symbol of pure saffron, and pure saffron smell like hay and with a characteristic aroma indicates the high-quality organic saffron.

Why saffron is so expensive spice?

  • The reason behind the high saffron price is saffron cannot be grown all weathers and origins saffron is the geographical origin specified and whether and cannot cultivate in all weather conditions
  • The advanced cultivation and collection techniques cannot be used in case of saffron; saffron collection needs hard labor, a single flower of saffron yield three stigmas
  • Saffron needs intensive care; exposure to light and moisture alter the saffron nutritional values
  • About sixty-three thousand saffron flowers stigmas yield a 1gram of saffron

So, before you Buy saffron spice always remember the characteristics of pure saffron, to make saffron buying a worth buying.

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