Persian Saffron (Red Gold)

Persian saffron

Persian saffron (Red Gold) has a colorful and long history. You will get surprised by its amazing story. After hearing about Persian saffron you might have a question about it what is Persian saffron?

Saffron is the expensive spice of the world saffron price is so high that it goes up to $16 per gram. Saffron comes from the purple flower stigmas it is bright red. Before you get to know further about your spice, it is important to know for you that it is basically a triploid.

Saffron can also grow wild. The amazingly beautiful flowers of Persian saffron are harvested and propagated by hands. It flowers blooms in the morning and needs extensive care from the time of cultivation its stigmas are collected.

Saffron Spice

Saffron is extensively utilized as a spice in European, Indian, North Africa, Turkish, Moroccan, Spanish and Asian cushions. The experts describe pure Persian saffron as honey, hay, grassy aroma. The saffron taste is like a hay with a little bitter tint. Saffron threads of Persian saffron are bright red as well as a luminous yellow tint.

Saffron health benefits

Saffron is known worldwide because of its amazing health benefits. Different researches held on saffron indicate its huge nutritional benefits on the health of the human being. Saffron functions as an antioxidant that saves the individual from the possible disease prevalence. you can get maximum saffron benefits by adding this legendary spice in your daily diet you can consume saffron in different ways. you have multiple options to use saffron you can make different dishes and can use saffron tea and saffron milk. saffron tea relieves work stress and boosts up neurotransmitters present within the brain. saffron boost body metabolism and activate body metabolism that keeps safe from metabolic disorders like diabetes type I and types II. why wait to buy saffron and get benefited.

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