Persian saffron benefits in pregnancy

Persian saffron benefits in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you receive advice from every mother about your diet, Persian saffron benefits in pregnancy. With one general suggestion being to take saffron (kesar) in your food. The world’s expensive spice is the most sought after product by pregnant women who need to give all the best things on earth to the baby in their womb.

There are also women who may advise you against taking saffron because of their bad experiences with the spice. This will leave you confused. You will be in a dilemma whether to take a risk by consuming saffron during pregnancy or forego its benefits by not eating it. We will remove all your doubts related to this herb.

Saffron (Kesar) During Pregnancy – Benefits

Before you begin taking a kesar during your pregnancy, access your doctor. Saffron cannot be safe just because it is an herb. Even herbs can wreak havoc and have adverse effects on you and your baby.

Forget  Mood Swings

During  pregnancy, you will developed hormonal surges. This will have a profound effect on your mood, making you cranky one moment, and impulsive, depressed and teary-eyed at other times. Saffron acts as an anti-depressant and helps elevate your mood. So the next time you look into the mirror and get upset about your ballooning belly, just have some saffron-based snack to feel happy and good about yourself.

High Blood Pressure Goodbye

Saffron helps reduce blood pressure. This unique thing of Persian saffron is something that you want to use to your advantage. Potassium and crocetin present in saffron help lower your blood pressure and don’t worry because this is systematically proven

Enjoy Pregnancy without Morning Sickness

While the thought of expanding your family is a attractive feeling, morning sickness can take away this joy. You can combat nausea and dizziness with saffron. Anecdotal evidence shows saffron-infused tea can work wonders with morning sickness

Better digestion

Bloating, the gas and constipation go with pregnancy. The growing fetus exerting pressure on your digestive tract and the hormonal surges are accountable for this. Saffron could be your best friend during pregnancy if you want to take pleasure from optimal digestion. It boosts blood flow to your digestive system and enhances your metabolism. This, in turn, helps in better digestion

Get Rid Of Pesky Cramps

As your baby grows up, your bones and muscles will shift and stretch to accommodate the growing baby. This results in cramps and pain in the joints and stomach. Saffron benefits in a natural anti-spasmodic and painkiller that soothes these cramps, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy.

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