Handpicked Persian saffron

hand picked Persian saffron

Handpicked Persian Saffron has long been known as one of the most expensive spices on earth when it comes to buy saffron. saffron is prized as an amazing food ingredient by culinary chefs and is immensely used in different kinds of food and beverages because of its great taste.

Saffron is used as an ingredient in the most luxurious beauty and health products in the worldwide. Saffron basically is red gold in its appearance and due to this specific character called as Red Gold Saffron. Ace saffron Red Gold Saffron enjoys exceptional recognition because, when hand-picked and harvested, each stigma is individually selected to guarantee that we bring the finest and highest standards of the product.

If you want to buy Saffron, the question in your mind would direct you where to buy Saffron? The best place to buy Saffron. It is available in whole dried form.

Buy Negin Saffron and Iranian Saffron in USA, Australia, Europe, and Canada through this online website. from past years, the cultivation of Saffron in various countries worldwide has risen making the availability of it extremely easy for everyone.

You must know about Negin Saffron which as well as known as Iranian Saffron. The basic meaning of the Sargol is ‘top part of the saffron flower’, which is also a Saffron. You can buy Iranian Saffron as well from the redgold website.


Negin goes to a new variety of saffron that is longer and thicker than common saffron type. It is pure and comprises the stigma without the yellow style. It is the most expensive saffron worldwide.


Sargol comprises of the red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the styles prior to drying. Stigmas are cut in such a way that provides maximum flavor, aroma, and color in cooking and baking.


Pushal’ or ‘Poushali’ is the red stigma along with a yellowish tail at the bottom. This sort saffron exhibits a lower color strength compared with Sargol.


Bunch comprises all parts of saffron, consisting of both the style and red-colored stigma.

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