Buy saffron online

buy saffron online

Persian saffron is an exquisite spice; people usually worry where to buy saffron. It is a triple play on your senses or from where to buy saffron online. Persian saffron unique flavor, honey-tinged smell, and intense color are infused easily into a variety of dishes. There is nothing truly like saffron and absolutely no substitute for it.

Saffron price

Why is a saffron price high? It’s been a long time since this spice has been considered as a valued commodity. When this amazing spice is taken into consideration that is a soccer field worth of saffron flowers to produce the one pond of saffron spice, it is far easier to conceptualize its worth.

Saffron worth its weight in gold, per gram Persian saffron, cost up to $25. Saffron increased sensitivity and demand to growing conditions make this spice one of the most sought-after and rarest items in the world.

There are no modern shortcuts to harvest saffron spice, 50 to 70 thousands of flowers are needed to produce one pound of saffron spice. Intense manual labor is required in extracting the three stigmas over the course of 1-2 weeks, as saffron flower bloom and before it wilt.

Saffron origins and uses

Indian, Iranian, Arab, European and Moroccan traditional dishes are spiced with saffron. Because of its bitter hay like the taste, it is widely used in curries, cheeses, meat dishes, liquors, and soups. In Spain and India saffron is a popular condiment for rice; Spanish famous dish paella is basically a saffron dish. French food connoisseurs and bouillabaisse a spicy fish stew from Marseilles.

The medical use of saffron stigmas is highly celebrated in various cultures. During the medieval times, Europeans utilize saffron majorly to treat respiratory tract infections like smallpox, asthma and the common cold. In ancient times of Egypt, one of the major use of saffron spice was as dysentery tonic and aphrodisiac.

In today’s modern age, saffron is widely utilized as an ant carcinogenic or a cancer cell suppressing agent. The saffron extract has also been utilized to prevent ascites and tumor growth. The saffron is an amazing antioxidant that has amazing effects in prevention of cell deterioration and neurological damage.

The Persian saffron flower stamens are used majorly for the fabric dye, specifically in such countries as India and China. By its instant ability as a coloring agent, the saffron dye is still very famous for its vibrant orange quality and more stigmas give a brilliant red shade.

Because of saffron high quality, cost and arduous method of cultivation, saffron dyed clothing is a sign of luxury, saffron is often reserved as a symbol of high class and royalty. The ochre hues of robes and vermilion worn by Buddhist and Hindu monks are made up of saffron dye. In Europe, the saffron spice is utilized in the production of aromatic oil called crocinum, which is utilized in air fresheners and wine.


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