Buy saffron

buy saffron

Persian saffron is world expensive spice when people plan to buy saffron the first thing click into their mind is what actual saffron price is?

People wanted it to know what saffron prices are so high? The higher prices of saffron are due to its nutritional richness. The second reason that makes saffron high price is its specific geographical areas. Persian saffron demands specific climatic conditions that promote health saffron growth. Globally major producer of saffron spice is Iran.

Saffron spice is derived from the dried stigmas of the saffron flower purple crocus. The higher price of saffron is due to higher labor involvement in order to obtain health saffron stigmas with proper implementation of the technique.

The proper technique is required to get saffron stigmas from the flower. The whole procedure of harvesting and storage of saffron requires intensive care. Saffron active constituents remain stable at a certain temperature. If saffron is exposed to intense heat, sunlight and moisture, saffron thread loses its active constituents. Exposure of heat to saffron threads also alters its mechanism of action.

Saffron spice is used worldwide in order to enhance the flavors of multiple styles of cuisine. Pasta, rice and deserts dishes come alive with a pinch of Persian Saffron spice. Especially seafood is wonderful with a Saffron-infused broth or rubs and some chicken along with the fine threads of Saffron spice.

Before buying saffron you must consider the buying technique of saffron. Saffron threads are bright red with a characteristic smell. Soak saffron spice into the water if its losses color immediately it is adulterated form of saffron, so be cautious before you buy saffron make sure you are getting the best version of Persian saffron. Saffron threads are preferred over the powdered form of saffron as the chances of adulteration are 80 percent higher in powdered form. 

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