Buy saffron

Buy saffron

Before you buy saffron you must know basic facts associated with saffron. Saffron is dried stigmas of crocus sativus, you can find only in the three regions of the world and hence of three types: Iranian, Kashmiri, and Spanish. Saffron is hugely harvested and cultivated by hand.

Coming from the land of Saffron cultivators, Iran is the home to pure quality saffron. There are multiple techniques where people can determine the saffron purity people are buying, to tell apart the real from the fake saffron.

A First Look Quick Saffron Test:

Saffron threads are all red. Saffron threads must be dry and hard to touch. Saffron aroma is fresh and strong, never be musty.

  • When you buy saffron, look for threads that are uniformly long and have an eye-popping color. Never trouble with broken saffron, saffron powder, or threads that look dull and dusty. It’s not worth the cost. So-called bargain the saffron is very old or mixed with saffron stigmas or marigold flowers.
  • The next principle is aroma. Old saffron loses its pungent aroma and at times it has no aroma. So, good quality Persian saffron is saffron that is completely red and has a pleasant aroma. Note that this never means that any pure saffron strand is yellow in it is not pure saffron. Saffron is just not as potent as Persian saffron is completely red. Therefore, some people prefer saffron with yellow in it and to them, it is not saffron if the stigma does not have any yellow.
  • If Persian saffron is squeezed and fat is persisted in between fingers, saffron is pure and original which is the most reliable procedure of distinguishing saffron.

How to Store Saffron

  • Always keep it in dark and dry place, away from all sources of light, artificial or natural.
  • The cool environment is better as a warm environment can leave this stigma Persian saffron spice dry and kill its aroma
  • Do not store saffron for more than two years, the aroma decreases with time; use it as fresh as possible. Saffron will not spoil, but it will lose progressive its flavor with time.

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