Buy best Iranian Saffron

Buy best Iranian Saffron


It is obvious to understand the saffron different types before Buy best Iranian saffron that the main difference between Iranian and Spanish saffron. is the origin, the cultivation origin from which it comes is very significant since in each saffron-producing geographical area different ways and means of getting the Iranian saffron, and each modification in the processes makes the resulting quality of the spice very changed when comparing some samples with others.


The differences are noticeable, above all, in a chemical analysis of the spice where the organoleptic qualities or the Crocina is basically a (coloring component), the Picocrocin is a (flavor component) and Safranal is an (aromatic component) are very different depending on where they come from saffron. There are also other parameters to be taken into account, though they are more technical such as moisture or total ashes.


Visually there are is a huge difference that can be detected if the product is examined carefully and knowing accurately what to value. On your left, you will understand a colored image of Spanish saffron

Currently there are many countries where saffron is formed, in terms of production it highlights Iran as the largest producer in the world with more than 90% of the world manufacture, in a second step would be Spain with Aragon and Castilla La Mancha as chief production areas, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Greece, and Italy. There would be countries where the saffron spice is produced in a testimonial way like France, Switzerland, and Argentina or in some area of the USA. The Iranian saffron is the source of worldwide saffron distribution. The current world saffron manufacturer is Iran giving the premium quality saffron worldwide. The reason behind the world number one supplier is Iran geographical compatibility for the growth of saffron spice.

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