Beauty benefits of saffron

Saffron is a royal ingredient of beauty benefits for many centuries. Saffron exhibits purifying properties and as well as Saffron Plant acts as antibacterial. Saffron lightens skin tone.
Some amazing Saffron Benefits are:
Cures acne: saffron has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties these properties make saffron ideal for treating acne. People having acne should try saffron paste, a pinch of saffron with 3-4 tulsi leaves, apply the paste to the affected area of your skin and leave it to dry. Regular saffron use diminishes acne soon.
Heal scars: A natural healing mechanism of saffron reduces spots, scars and a blemish free skin tone. Rich in exfoliating properties, diminish old wounds, acne eruptions and wounds or cuts.
Promote hair growth: Hair fall can be effectively treated with saffron. To treat hair fall, blend pinch of saffron with licorice powder and milk. Apply this blend on the uncovered patches of your scalp. The anti-oxidant nature of saffron will help in developing hair follicle which replaces lost or damaged hair with healthier hair.
Glowing skin: Saffron exhibit skin lightening properties that proactively advance healthier and gleaming skin. Including pinch of saffron in a glass of milk, it gives you a glowing appearance.
Saffron mask including 2-3 strands of saffron to one teaspoon of sandalwood powder, and 2 teaspoons of milk. Apply this mask on to a clean and washed, soggy face and back rub in round movements with the tips of your finger. Permit to dry all over for 20 minutes and wash. Saffron Uses give radiant glowing skin.
Tone the skin: for skin, cleansing use a pinch of saffron in rose water, saffron gives life to your skin. Daily saffron use over skin makes your skin healthy and younger. Saffron removes signs of aging even giving you younger look. Enjoy unlimited Saffron Advantages.